Life mottos… 

This quote from Uncle Martin is a motto for living I am most fond of. 

You want to talk about drive…motivation?   Look around you.  But outside of the bubble you live in. 

 You can even meditate on your bubble. Either way you are faced with the glaring truth that is purpose. 
Happy Dr. MLK Jr. Day 
-Honey ❤

There is power… 

For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light. [John 4:10, 14.]
Psalm 36:9 AMPC

There is a different kind of power in vulnerability with God.  And it takes a different kind of strength to be vulnerable with people. But when you reach the point where you can??.. You’ve reached a whole new level of freedom,  and who doesn’t want to be free? 
Be the light. 

Peace and Love Beautiful Souls 


Don’t Get Caught Up!

Comparison Trap Wed Jan 11 2017.png

Happy Wednesday Beautiful People!!

So can I say that it is ever so easy for us to fall into the “comparison trap?”  We’ve got to put more energy into watering our green and less energy focusing on someone else’s. Si o no??   Cause when we compare ourselves, it tends to lead to confusion and UNNECESSARY unhappiness. But when we are grateful?!


Be ready to take in the flood of blessings and positivity across your life…

Peace and Love Beautiful People ❤